Seychelles Mahe Island 1 - 10 July 2016

We are off to the Seychelles

We will be operating as S79V from 1st to 10th July 2016
Operating from Villa Koket in the north east Mahe Island AF-024

Modes & Bands

We will be operating 80 thru 10 meters SSB,CW and PSK.
If our location allows we will make an effort in running 160m WSPR while not operating during nights.


This is what we think we will do, propagation and you will decide what bands we will operate at what time.
At night 80 might replace 20, at dawn 17 might replace 40.

Important short openings

Fairly long opening. Best is 1400z-1600z on 20/30/40. We will try occasional calls in this window.
Short path only from the S79V QTH, we think 0000z-0330z on 20/30/40 and 1500z-1800z on 17/20/30 would work.
Long path only from the S79V QTH, probably best around 1300z-1500z on 12/15/17
IMPORTANT: Use our Logbook page to see what we are up to at the moment. We will do our best to keep the "message from S79V" section up to speed with current bands and modes.
MORE IMPORTANT: If you are located in any of the locations with short openings mentioned above, let us know that you can hear us. Use the cluster or our facebook page
Europe and Asia will have fairly easy access at all times, the timings above are only suggestions, we will ask for specific areas on air and would appreciate your cooperation. To both Europe and Asia over the dark path 20/30/40/80, Daylight openings 15/17/20, who knows we might even get openings on 10 and 12, perhaps with some SpE in afternoons.


2 stations, both Kenwood TS590, ACOM 1010 amplifiers @ 400w


8 monoband antennas will be used.
For 10 thru 17m we will have 2 element VDAs
20m 3 element VDA
30m 2 element phased array
40m 2 element phased array
80m top loaded vertical